Recognise Organic Food

Recognise Organic Food
(EU Leaf)

  • The European organic logo (the green leaf) makes it easier for you to recognise organic produce
  • The logo combines the official flag of the EU and a leaf to symbolise nature and sustainability to identify organic products including where it has been farmed.
  • This EU quality mark guarantees that what you are buying is produced using organic production methods that are good for people and animals as well as biodiversity and the climate.
  • The word ‘organic’ is also legally protected in Ireland and across the entire EU. You can’t just use the term if you are not a certified organic farmer or producer.
  • Whether you are in a supermarket or at your local organic retailer or frequently market and see the EU leaf with the twelve stars on a food or drink product you can be assured it is organic.

The EU organic logo is generally represented as a green leaf, but can also be found in black and white versions.

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